Four Lean Hounds (Acoustic Grateful Dead tribute) + Cabin Dogs

Four Lean Hounds

Cabin Dogs

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Four Lean Hounds is a Grateful Dead tribute based out of Philadelphia. Acoustic and electric performances with skillful improvisation and strong harmonies.

What started as a 3 hour mountain tour by two brothers (Rich and Rob Kwait) and two dogs would turn into a decade plus musical odyssey. CABIN DOGS— based outside of Philadelphia, PA —blend original American country roots with 70's a campfire jamboree during a cosmic meteor shower. Inventive, rollicking, timeless and magical have described the band's original music - 5 full length original albums, including the soon-to-be released Mountain Sun. Playing stages that have included Newport Folk Festival and Philadelphia Folk Festival, the live sound of the CABIN DOGS compels melodious moon howling and strange dance moves not thought physically possible.

Band Members include Rich Kwait, Rob Kwait, Ira Race, Stephan DiVincenzo, Lee Schusterman, Jeff Levinsohn and Jeanine Reed

Venue Information:
118 North
118 N. Wayne Avenue
Wayne, PA, 19087