Featured Act: Vilebred

Rock / Psychedelic

Featured Act: Vilebred

Jonathan Bower

Fri · Jun 22 2018

8:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Featured Act: Vilebred
Featured Act: Vilebred
Vilebred is a Philly-based experimental rock band, constantly churning out rich melodies, epic anthems and enough snark to make everyone a little uncomfortable. Following the footsteps of his brother Kurt Vile, Sam Vile is the musical architect that leads this circus, with influences ranging from The Violent Femmes to Radiohead. Band members include, Dug Gillan (bass/vocals) and Jeremy Dawson (Lead Guitar) of "The Nodd", Chelsea Sue Allen (keys/vocals) who is also a talented solo artist of the same name, and Will Donahue (drums/vocals) who, while members sometimes come and go, has been in the band since the very beginning. Some reoccurring members include Dean Gorfti (Drums) and Gene Isayev (sax and flute).
Jonathan Bower
Jonathan Bower
Jonathan lives in Anchorage, AK, where he works full-time as an unpaid chauffeur for his two sons. When relieved of these duties, he works as a gigging musician and freelance writer, and teaches Creative Writing classes for the English department at the University of Alaska.

In 2012, Jonathan released his first collection of songs in a decade - an EP titled but so beautiful, produced with Anchorage's Evan Phillips (The Whipsaws; Easton Stagger Phillips). On its release, the Anchorage Press wrote, “[This is] masterful storytelling. These songs weave beautiful, forlorn tales in a matter of minutes, but with a defiant note of hope.”

His follow-up, the full-length album Hope, Alaska, arrived in 2014 and was met with a wave of good reviews and welcome opportunities, cementing JJB's decision to write and record songs following a ten year hiatus. The Kickstarter for this outing concluded at almost 120% above his projected goal. Following this successful crowdsourcing effort, the record earned Jonathan the A&E cover story for the Anchorage Press, appearances on CBS-affiliate, KTVA, and a seat as the featured artist for local NPR station, KNBA's "Alaska Music Spotlight."

And he's kept busy in the in between time.

Last year, Jonathan contributed two election-themed, weekly "mix tape" music columns for the Anchorage Press weekly - "Coping Skills, vol. 1-8" and "Songs for the Darkest Time of Year, vol. 1-4."

In January 2017, after wrapping the music column, he turned his focus to pre-production tasks required to launch his next album. The new full-length, Light Years releases in late January 2018, and is his third outing with producer Evan Phillips at the helm. After mucking around in a variety of experimental sounds and playing with the many many means of entering a song's story, Light Years proves his most straight ahead, accessible, and roots-based song cycle yet.

You can sample songs from the new album and more at his bandcamp account, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and other outlets.

There's more - there always is, there always is - but right now he's gotta go pick up his kids at their mom's. Then, he has to go grab a cheese tray along with some industrial-sized box of crackers at Costco. After that, he's racing over to the elementary school to catch his third grader's class production of "Charlotte's Web."

You know how it is.
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