Matt Santry

Singer-Songwriter / Pop

Matt Santry

Matt Cusson

Sat · Apr 20 2019

8:30 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

Matt Santry
Matt Santry
Matt Santry wants you to know that someone’s been there too. His aim as a singer songwriter is to write songs that welcome you into an experience he calls “heart driven pop”.

But Matt didn’t always write songs. He began his professional career as a social worker. While working with children with Autism, he started using music in an intuitive way. “Whether we’d bang on a drum or sing a song or I would just play the guitar, music was part of every day.”

Then one moment changed the way Matt looked at music. His client, who rarely used words to communicate, sang an entire Christmas song, line for line, by himself. In awe of this interaction, Matt was inspired to begin writing his own songs.

10 years later, Matt continues to search for that human connection through his own music. His journey has taken him across the country performing at over 100 colleges, on festivals bills with the acts like The Lumineers and Counting Crows, sharing stages with Delta Rae, Brent Young, Tony Lucca to name a few.

You may have heard Matt’s voice before and not realized it. Besides performing his own songs, his voice has been featured in numerous national ad campaigns, from a singing cowboy in a Febreze commercial to backing Adam Levine and Blake Shelton in The Voice, Season 14 theme song.

In early 2018, Matt is set to release his 5th album. Produced by Alex Wong, (Delta Rae, Ari Hest, Vienna Teng) this collection of songs was recorded entirely in Wong’s Nashville Studio “Angel House South”.

A line from the chorus of one of Matt’s newest songs sums up his mission as a songwriter...

“When your troubles keep you reaching, but you don’t know what you need
Let me be, let me be, let me be your change of scene”
Matt Cusson
Matt Cusson
Singer, songwriter, pianist
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